Chicken skewers


    • Chicken breast: 2
    • Potato starch: 2 tablespoons
    • Flour: 2 tablespoons
    • Honey: 1 tablespoon
    • Chili pepper powder: 1 teaspoon
    • Sesame seed: 1 tablespoon
    • Salt: pinch
    • Ground pepper: pinch
    • Oil: for cook

    Recipe Instructions:

  1. First of all, cut chicken in small cubes, season with salt, ground pepper, chili powder and rub well. Mix flour and starch in another bowl. Roll chicken in flour mixture from all sides.
  2. Then add chicken in a frying pan with some oil and cook well.
  3. Pour honey on chicken, mix well. Add some sesame, stir and cook for a little bit more,
  4. Finally, cooked chicken put on the wooden skewers and eat with garnish you like.