Soused herring cake
Mmm.. Herring... I have tasted variously prepared herrings  both Lithuanian and Swedish and I like them almost all. And I totally can't understand my brother who eats herring only once a year - as a traditional dish on Christmas eve table.
Swedish midsummer celebration with lots of herring on the table is a feast for me. And a feast requires a cake. A herring cake!


    • 220 grams of dark coarse bread
    • 75 grams of butter 
    • 2 gelatin leaves = 1 tsp gelatin powder 
    • 200 grams of soused herring
    • 1 red onion
    • 3 tbsp chopped chive 
    • 1 tbsp chopped dill
    • 300 ml sour cream 
    • 150 grams of cream cheese 

    Recipe Directions:

  1. Melt the butter.
  2. Mix the bread in a kitchen machine till crumbs, add melted butter and mix again.
  3. Spread the crumbs in a spring form (24 cm) and press them to form a firm cake bottom.
  4. Refrigerate while the cake top will be prepared.
  5. Drain the herrings and chop them nicely.
  6. Chop the onion.
  7. Mix together herring, onion and 1/3 of chive.
  8. Put gelatin into a small amount of cold water for 5 minutes.
  9. Mix together sour cream and cream cheese. Take a little of this mixture and warm it in the pot on low heat.
  10. Melt gelatin in it and remove from the heat.
  11. Now mix together with the rest of mixture. Add herring mixture and stir well.
  12. Spread the creamy herring mixture on the bread crumbs and refrigerate for at least 3 hours.
  13. Before serving sprinkle the rest of the chive on top.