Mexican dishes

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Pudin de Elote - Mexican Corn Pudding

I swear I really like making new, never yet tried cakes, desserts and other sweets. Every single time after preparing a new dessert, it iss always interesting what the taste and the texture will be, and whether it is worth to be made the second time. And, I have to mention, the more interesting the...

Mexican Tomato Salsa for Tacos and Nachos (Salsa de Tomate)

Those who like to go to the Mexican restaurants, you must have tried tomato salsa served with tortilla chips. I looove that salsa, and I love it so much that I also make it at home. When I found this recipe, it became my nr.1 tomato salsa suitable with a variety of snacks and, of course, tortilla ch...

Mexican Salsa Ranchera

I absolutely love homemade sauces and salsas. No matter what kind of sauce or salsa it is, any made at home just can’t be compared to any bought from the store. These are just two incomparable things. If I make tacos, enchiladas or other similar Mexican dishes, I always try to prepare at least a cou...