Dishes with potatoes

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Lithuanian-style potato pancakes with meat

Potato pancakes with meat - it's a traditional Lithuanian cuisine dish. There it is called "Žemaičių" pancakes. It's potato pancake stuffed with minced meat, boiled meat or other fillings (you can choose by your taste!).This recipe for pancakes is very good and tested so many times that there is no...

Lithuanian potato pudding - Traditional kugelis with bacon

This is a traditional recipe for Lithuanian savory potato pudding, perfectly known as kugelis or bulviu plokstainis (literally "flat potato"), produces a dense, heavy casserole that is considered one of the national dishes of Lithuania.This potato pudding is commonly served with applesauce, lingonbe...

Mashed Potato Dumplings

Soft, tender and super easy to prepare mashed potato dumplings. Confess to yourself, sometimes everybody wants to have such a homemade, satisfying dinner, at least once every few weeks. Although I usually eat my own prepared food, I only occasionally make Lithuanian, satisfying, potato dishes. But e...

Quick Potato, Chorizo and Egg Casserole

Potato, chorizo and egg casserole is a simple and delicious dinner. Just a few ingredients and a filling dish is on the table. While potatoes are baking in the oven, you can clean up the kitchen or do something useful during that time (for example, as I do, check your Facebook or Instagram, in other...

Crunchy German Potato Pancakes