Easy to make KETO Raspberry cupcakes

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Easy to make KETO Raspberry cupcakes
I was trying to lose some weight and searched for new diet which would be easy to handle.  Keeping in mind that gym is not my best friend. For real.. I have never had an overweight yet every human finds something to fix in own body. Hardest thing to handle while being on the diet for me is to refuse desserts and everything that contains sugar. So very first steps while picking diet is to find out what desserts I can eat. While I was looking for an appropriate diet my colleague shared his knowledge about KETO diet which helped him to lose 6 kg in one month. The main thing in this diet is to reduce carbs that means you can not use sugar too. Yes.. It was really hard decision to make.. So I started asking what desserts you can make at home without using any sugar or flour. I was impressed how many meals can be done without carbs and how many of them can be still sweet with no sugar added.
Very first KETO dessert I tried was Fat Bombs. I guess you have heard of it if you were ever interested in KETO diet. I do not remember recipe of it clearly, yet it contained peanut butter, black chocolate (also you can use cacao powder), coconut oil and stevia. It was really a FAT BOMB. I have never tried anything like this before, it felt like I was just eating fats yet it was sweet. As you can guess first steps into diet was kind of shocking, probably first recipe has to be a bit lighter. So I was curious to try something that would fit my eating habits. The recipe I found was impressive!! Because by trying to make these KETO cupcakes with raspberries I found my new favorite curd pudding recipe too. :) The reason I tried to make it a curd pudding is obvious as cupcakes mainly consists of curd. Therefore, the taste is really amazing and it is sugar free cupcakes! Firstly I tried to make 6 cupcakes. The second time I made 12 of them. On the fourth time I understood that it is still not enough so I made sugar free curd pudding or you can call it cupcakes cake of curd. As you can see, I am completely in love with this recipe as it is easy to find ingredients and easy to make.

The ingredients to make 6 cupcakes:
- 150 g of curd (9% fat)
- 2-3 eggs
- 35 g of almond flour 
- 1-2 tbsp of Stevia or Erythritol sweetener (if you are not on the KETO diet feel free to use sugar instead)

To make curd pudding I increased mentioned ingredients by 3 times. Keep in mind that you have to bake it longer (I am not sure how long it took for me, yet I would say about 40 minutes) while cupcakes takes only 20 to 30 min to bake. 

I really like the simplicity of these raspberry cupcakes as you can mix all ingredients in the bowl and spread it into cupcake molds. The only difficulty is to decide if you want to mix raspberries together with dough or insert it separately in cupcake molds before placing it into oven. Do not forget that oven should be heated up to 180 degrees (Celsius). Let it cool for 10 minutes and you can start tasting it.


    • 150 g of curd (9% fat)
    • 2-3 eggs
    • 35 g of almond flour 
    • 1-2 tbsp of Stevia or Erythritol sweetener (if you are not on the KETO diet feel free to use sugar instead)
    • 20 g of raspberries
    If you are interested in curd pudding recipe I can share how I made it with cherries:
    • 450 g of curd (9% fat)
    • 7 eggs
    • 105 g of almond flour
    • 4 tbsp of Stevia or Erythritol sweetener 
    • 100 g of cherries (sometimes I use other berries like raspberries or blueberries)

    Recipe Directions

  1. 1. Prepare all the ingredients which are needed to make up these raspberry cupcakes.
  2. KETO Raspberry cupcakes ingredients
  3. 2. Heat up oven to 180 degrees as you will be soon prepared to bake cupcakes.
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  5. 3. Mix all ingredients in one bowl, you can mix raspberries too if you wish, or you can add it just before placing cupcakes in the oven.
  6. mix eggs curd almond flour for cupcakes
  7. 4. As everything is mixed you can spread it to silicone baking molds, just do not fulfill molds as they will rise while banking.
  8. keto raspberry cupcakes in molds
  9. 5. If you choose to add raspberries seperately, now it is the right time. Just add it on the top of every cupcake.
  10. 6. Cupcakes are ready to bake. Place them to oven and bake about 20 to 30 minutes as they become firm and a little browned.
  11. 7. Let it cool for about 10 minutes and enjoy.
  12. 8. Curd pudding recipe: Instructions are pretty much the same as making KETO raspberry cupcakes.
  13. mix eggs curd almond flour for curd pudding
  14. 9. Mix everything in a bowl and add berries.
  15. dough for curd pudding
  16. 10. This time I decided to use cherries (you are more than welcome to use other berries) and I mixed them together with dough.
  17. curd pudding before cooking
  18. 11. Bake it a bit longer than cupcakes, it will take about 40-50 minutes to get curd pudding ready. Enjoy!
  19. keto curd pudding

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