Caramelized Onion Dip

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Caramelized Onion Dip
Today I tried out a caramelised onion dip, which goes great with a variety of potato chips, tortilla chips, crackers and vegetables.

The dip is quick and easy to make, just before serving on the table, I would suggest to keep it a bit in the refrigerator. Of course, the dip is very tasty at room temperature as well, if you have no time to refrigerate it. The dip salinity and sweetness can be adjusted according to the amount of salt and sugar. I prefer a little bit sweeter onion dip, so according to my recipe  the dip is not too salty, the taste balance is actually perfect.

This dip also fits very well to make hot sandwiches or to flavor pasta. Thus, if you have some onion dip left from the snack table, then you can use it really great with other meals.

Have a great snacking! 🙂


    • 1 medium white onion
    • 1 medium red onion
    • 110 g cream cheese (room temperature)
    • 110 g natural sour cream (not a light one)
    • 1 tbsp. red wine vinegar
    • 1 tbsp. brown sugar
    • 1.5 tbsp. butter
    • 1.5 tbsp. olive oil
    • salt, black pepper, chili powder
    • 2 tsp. chopped fresh dill

    Recipe Directions

  1. 1. Peel the onions and chop into cubes.
  2. 2. In frying pan or saucepan preheat the oil and butter, add chopped onions and fry them on a medium heat until they become tender, then add the sugar, a little of chili powder, salt and fry for about 5 minutes more, still stirring.
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  4. 3. Finally, pour wine vinegar and fry for 5-7 minutes until the vinegar evaporates.
  5. 4. In one bowl put together sour cream, cream cheese and onions, stir well.
  6. 5. Season with black peppers, dill and salt if necessary (according to your taste).
  7. 6. Note: A superb dip with potato chips.
Caramelized Onion Dip
Caramelized Onion Dip
Caramelized Onion Dip
Caramelized Onion Dip
Caramelized Onion Dip
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