Dishes and recipes for dinner

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Traditional Lithuanian Dumplings (Koldūnai) with Pork

Dumplings (Lithuanian koldūnai) is a dish that requires a little bit of patience and time. Of course, it the most fun is to make dumplings with someone or with the whole family. Then it’s more fun and the process is way faster. This time I made the dumplings by myself, but with a good music, so to m...

Roast duck legs with red wine sauce

It's practically very difficult to overcook duck legs - so attempt this awesome, slow-roasted meal recipe.Bonus recipe: Roast duck legs with roasted root vegetablesServes: 8Preparation: 15 minCook: 80 minsJust how to prepare duck legs as well as veggies. This dish makes a terrific dish for the house...

Baked Lithuanian pork meatballs with tomatoes and olives

For a simple dinner, when you are bored of everything else - Lituanian meatballs with tomato sauce and olives is a perfect choise. Do you know that weird feeling when you are not exactly sure what you want for lunch or dinner? In those cases, you need to turn on your own imagination, think about wha...

Lazy unstuffed cabbage rolls

Lithuanian cuisine cannot be imagined without zeppelins (a.k.a potato dumplings) as well as without stuffed cabbage rolls (in Lithuanian they are called balandėliai (little pigeons - no one knows wy). And I, as a big Lithuanian cuisine lover, am a stuffed cabbage roll lover as well. Well, but the wh...

Crab Cake Sliders with Homemade Tartar Sauce

This is a awesome appetizer! I served this last week during a fun cocktail party with friends and everyone just loved them! The homemade tartar sauce is a must to bring it all together. Very easy recipe and can be made ahead so it's a must try!