Poultry dishes

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Roast duck legs with red wine sauce

It's practically very difficult to overcook duck legs - so attempt this awesome, slow-roasted meal recipe.Bonus recipe: Roast duck legs with roasted root vegetablesServes: 8Preparation: 15 minCook: 80 minsJust how to prepare duck legs as well as veggies. This dish makes a terrific dish for the house...

Turkey minced meat rolls with cheese filling and white cream sauce

I had looked up the recipe for turkey mince pies with cheese filling quite a while ago, and I tried it out when the opportunity arose. The result really delighted our whole family and made our stomachs happy.Not waiting long, I'm going to share a simple but wonderful recipe.By the way, instead of tu...

Quick chicken breast salat with cucumber, eggs, ham and cheese

Every housewife probably has her own quick meals that take very little time to make but are loved by the whole family. This time, I want to share a family favourite - chicken breast medley-salat with cucumber, boiled eggs, ham, tomatoes and cheese. It's really easy to make and the taste is just perf...