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Kentucky beer cheese - dip

Walk right into some older Kentucky pubs as well as you'll discover a common crockery of beer cheese on bench. And also if you do, take a seat as well as aid on your own. Though it is, as promoted, a mix of beer as well as cheese, the enhancement of vinegar, garlic as well as Worcestershire sauce pr...

Super Soft Braised Honey Chicken Wings

Soft, juicy and lightly sweet – these are the chicken wings braised in a skillet. Although I usually bake chicken wings in the oven, because it is simply the easiest and most convenient way (I admit, sometimes I’m lazy), but after I prepared wings this way in a skillet with a thick honey-soy sauce,...

Crab Cake Sliders with Homemade Tartar Sauce

This is a awesome appetizer! I served this last week during a fun cocktail party with friends and everyone just loved them! The homemade tartar sauce is a must to bring it all together. Very easy recipe and can be made ahead so it's a must try!

Best Homemade Blue Cheese Dip

Perfect blue cheese dip will go so well with many of your snacks. The dip especially tastes good with a variety of chips, vegetables, chicken wings, drumsticks and even salads! This dip is prepared very simply and quickly – just mix all the ingredients – and voila, you can enjoy a great taste. If yo...

Flaky Pasties with Mushroom and Sauerkraut

During the holiday season, I shared some time-tested and tried-and-true recipes that I use when preparing my holiday table, or just making dinner. Over the last couple of months, I’ve also tested and improved quite a few new recipes that I’m looking forward to share with my blog followers.One of the...

Fried Rye Bread, Carrot Salad and Salami Appetizer

One of my favorite appetizers! These fried bread sandwiches are addictive, and when you taste them, then you’ll understand why I say so. It is very convenient to prepare such sandwiches in advance for festive table, party or simply for the movie night. The appetizer can be kept in the fridge for up...

Fried Tofu with Sesame-Soy Dipping Sauce

I’d really love to simply erase this day from my life. Where should I apply for this, huh? I woke up this morning with an enormous need for baking a cake (I have to admit it, for the past several months this need visits me very very often. Maybe you have the same issue also?) and so I did. I had boo...

Roasted purple sprouting broccoli

Roasted purple sprouting broccoli is a crispy and flavorful side dish that is vegan and vegetarian friendly. Alternatively, for a hearty main course, serve with pasta.WHERE CAN I FIND PURPLE SPROUTING BROCCOLI?Purple sprouting broccoli belongs to the brassica family of vegetables.It is comparable to...