Lithuanian sauerkraut soup with smoked bacon

2022-03-17 Recipe Author

Lithuanian sauerkraut soup with smoked bacon
Sauerkraut soup is truelly one of the most common dishes in Lithuanian kitchen. This time I posted a sauerkraut soup recipe, which I usually use when making this tasty soup. I want to mention, that the tastiest sauerkraut soup is when you don’t use the broth cubes from the supermarket, and instead you just cook some pork ribs or a piece of pork belly in the soup. At least this is how my grandmother is always making this traditional soup. Of course, tastier than my grandmother’s sauerkraut soup I hardly ever will succeed to make… Anyways, time to time I make the sauerkraut soup according to this recipe even I am living in the United States right now.

It’s that not difficult to find good sauerkraut in America, you just have to visit one of the Russian supermarkets. Of course, the price is way different than in Lithuania, but when you want to cook a dish from your own country, it's not that important.

Soup’s acidity and salinity adjust by yourself because everyone has their own taste for soups. If you have never made the sauerkraut soup before in your life, I highly recommend to try in your kitchen right now. 🙂

Note: Some sour cream goes perfectly with this soup!

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    • sauerkraut: 200 grams
    • onions: 1 medium-sized
    • smoked bacon: 100 grams
    • chicken broth: 1,5 cubes
    • black peppercorns: 10-15
    • bay leaves: 3
    • carrots: 2 medium-sized
    • salt
    • dried dill
    • sunflower oil (for frying)

    Recipe Directions

  1. 1. Firstly, I always wash the sauerkraut in the strainer, if they are very sour.
  2. 2. I boiled ~1,5–2 litres of water in a big pot with the broth cubes. Then added the sauerkraut, bay leaves and peppercorns. Boiled on a medium heat for about 15-20 minutes (until the sauerkraut became soft).
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  4. 3. Preheated a little oil in the frying pan and seared the chopped onion. Baked until soft, took out from the pan and set aside.
  5. 4. In the same skillet I preheated some more oil, putted the grated carrots (grated with a bigger grater), fried them until slightly soft.
  6. 5. Added the roasted carrots, onion, sliced bacon in a soup. Seasoned the soup with salt, dried dill and boiled it until the sauerkraut gets tender (about 10 more minutes). Enjoy!
  7. lithuanian sauerkraut soup
  8. 6. Note before serving: Taste whether no additional salt or sourness are needed (if you need more sourness - you can add lemon juice or sauerkraut liquid).
  9. 7. Note before serving: If the soup is too sour - add some extra boiled water or a little sugar.
  10. 8. Note: I found one more recipe on YouTube that our family really loved. Attached it for you as well, if you would like to try it.

Lithuanian sauerkraut soup with smoked bacon
Lithuanian sauerkraut soup with smoked bacon
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