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Lithuanian-style potato pancakes with meat

Potato pancakes with meat - it's a traditional Lithuanian cuisine dish. There it is called "Žemaičių" pancakes. It's potato pancake stuffed with minced meat, boiled meat or other fillings (you can choose by your taste!).This recipe for pancakes is very good and tested so many times that there is no...

Latvian Black Bread Dessert
Lithuanian sauerkraut soup with smoked bacon

Sauerkraut soup is truelly one of the most common dishes in Lithuanian kitchen. This time I posted a sauerkraut soup recipe, which I usually use when making this tasty soup. I want to mention, that the tastiest sauerkraut soup is when you don’t use the broth cubes from the supermarket, and instead y...

Lithuanian potato pudding - Traditional kugelis with bacon

This is a traditional recipe for Lithuanian savory potato pudding, perfectly known as kugelis or bulviu plokstainis (literally "flat potato"), produces a dense, heavy casserole that is considered one of the national dishes of Lithuania.This potato pudding is commonly served with applesauce, lingonbe...

Traditional Lithuanian bacon buns - lasineciai

A traditional Christmas time treat in many homes is lasineciai - very tasty Lithuanian Bacon Buns.A lot of cooks enjoy making these year 'round, not just during the Christmas period because they are a family favorite. During the Christmas season, these special bites of heaven are passed around in Li...

Pudin de Elote - Mexican Corn Pudding

I swear I really like making new, never yet tried cakes, desserts and other sweets. Every single time after preparing a new dessert, it iss always interesting what the taste and the texture will be, and whether it is worth to be made the second time. And, I have to mention, the more interesting the...

Majorcan Cabbage Soup (Sopa Mallorquina)

Well, how many of you buy a cabbage and a poor vegetable stays in a fridge for a day, two, or maybe a week..? It happens to me sometimes. And it just so hard sometimes to make up what to do with it. I was thinking to make cabbage rolls, but they take so long to prepare… Then maybe coleslaw, but you...

Super Soft Braised Honey Chicken Wings

Soft, juicy and lightly sweet – these are the chicken wings braised in a skillet. Although I usually bake chicken wings in the oven, because it is simply the easiest and most convenient way (I admit, sometimes I’m lazy), but after I prepared wings this way in a skillet with a thick honey-soy sauce,...

Chicken liver pate recipe according to Gordon Ramsay

Chicken liver pâté is a traditional French dish that combines rich chicken livers with flavorful pantry staples to create a silky, luxurious spread. At your next party, serve it with crackers or a crusty baguette, or keep a ramekin in the fridge for indulgent anytime snacking.What Exactly Is Chicken...

Fried Rye Bread, Carrot Salad and Salami Appetizer

One of my favorite appetizers! These fried bread sandwiches are addictive, and when you taste them, then you’ll understand why I say so. It is very convenient to prepare such sandwiches in advance for festive table, party or simply for the movie night. The appetizer can be kept in the fridge for up...

Mexican Salsa Ranchera

I absolutely love homemade sauces and salsas. No matter what kind of sauce or salsa it is, any made at home just can’t be compared to any bought from the store. These are just two incomparable things. If I make tacos, enchiladas or other similar Mexican dishes, I always try to prepare at least a cou...

Mexican Tomato Salsa for Tacos and Nachos (Salsa de Tomate)

Those who like to go to the Mexican restaurants, you must have tried tomato salsa served with tortilla chips. I looove that salsa, and I love it so much that I also make it at home. When I found this recipe, it became my nr.1 tomato salsa suitable with a variety of snacks and, of course, tortilla ch...

Crunchy Spanish sweet sticks

I love these sticks!!! These spanish puff pastry sticks have a wonderful flavor and divine texture. First time I tried these sticks from my colleague while I was still in Spain. After I used to buy them at the stores in Spain. Of course, I surely wanted to try to bake them by myself, because in Lith...

Classic Spanish Custard - Natilla Dessert

Natilla is a custard dessert that has a very mild flavor and light texture, and it requires only 6 ingredients to make. In Spain, you can buy this dessert at almost every store. The vanilla and chocolate flavors are most often found. I will make the last one the next time, because chocolate natilla...

Kūčiukai - Lithuanian Christmas Eve Special Cookies

What an indescribable aroma occurs in home, when the Christmas Eve cookies (Kūčiukai) are baking in the oven!!! It’s just impossible to imagine Christmas Eve (Kūčios) itself without Christmas Eve cookies (Kūčiukai)… It’s like a mother – Kūčia (Christmas Eve) with her children – Kūčiukai (Christmas E...

Polish chicken soup {rosół} with homemade noodles

Growing up, Sunday was always marked by a special meal in my home - chicken soup with homemade dumplings. No matter what, this was a staple on the menu every week. The first course was always chicken noodle soup, followed by a second course of chicken meat, potatoes, and salad. This predictable meal...

How to prepare a polish blood sausage/black pudding {kaszanka, kiszka, krupniok} 3 ways

Kaszanka is a traditional Polish dish made from pork meat, organ meat, barley or buckwheat, and pig's blood. The sausage is known by different names such as kasha-nkah, kiszka, and krupniok. It is usually stuffed into small or large intestine casings, shaped into a ring.This delicacy is widely consu...

Polish Horseradish with Beets {Ćwikła z Chrzanem}

I am a big fan of horseradish as a condiment. Not only does it add flavor to various dishes like sausages, ham, potatoes, and sandwiches, but it also acts as a sinus decongestant. I always have a jar of it on hand, especially during the winter months.One dish I particularly enjoy is ćwikła, which is...

Crunchy German Potato Pancakes