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Curd Snack with Poppies
Easy to make Homemade Waffles with cinnamon

It is said that first waffles were known in Ancient Greece, although they were totally different from the ones we are used to enjoy. These were scones of grass and cheese baked on hot stones. Other sources claims that were originated in Rhino region in 13th century. In 14th century in Europe waffles...

Latvian Black Bread Dessert
Easy no bake chocolate rum balls

Since year 1971, the 40 approximately females of the now-famous Wellesley Cookie Exchange have actually collected each December to switch lots of Xmas cookies as well as dishes. In 1986, we released The Wellesley Cookie Exchange Recipe book, put together as well as modified by Susan Peery, as well a...

Curd Pudding
Condensed Milk Pop Cake
Pudin de Elote - Mexican Corn Pudding

I swear I really like making new, never yet tried cakes, desserts and other sweets. Every single time after preparing a new dessert, it iss always interesting what the taste and the texture will be, and whether it is worth to be made the second time. And, I have to mention, the more interesting the...

Home made hot chocolate with almond milk

Home made chocolate, always reminds me cold winters. Then you sit by the window fully covered and warm with the view of falling snowflakes and cup of hot chocolate in your hands. So good to remember childhood.

No-Bake Chocolate Mascarpone Cheesecake

You slice the cake, take one bite and say “mmmmm, what a fantastic taste!!“ – this is exactly what will happen when you taste the first bite of this wonderful cake. Melting in your mouth, a uniquely mild-tasting mascarpone cake for which you won’t even need to turn on the oven. Sounds brilliant, doe...

Crunchy Spanish sweet sticks

I love these sticks!!! These spanish puff pastry sticks have a wonderful flavor and divine texture. First time I tried these sticks from my colleague while I was still in Spain. After I used to buy them at the stores in Spain. Of course, I surely wanted to try to bake them by myself, because in Lith...

Classic Spanish Custard - Natilla Dessert

Natilla is a custard dessert that has a very mild flavor and light texture, and it requires only 6 ingredients to make. In Spain, you can buy this dessert at almost every store. The vanilla and chocolate flavors are most often found. I will make the last one the next time, because chocolate natilla...

Kūčiukai - Lithuanian Christmas Eve Special Cookies

What an indescribable aroma occurs in home, when the Christmas Eve cookies (Kūčiukai) are baking in the oven!!! It’s just impossible to imagine Christmas Eve (Kūčios) itself without Christmas Eve cookies (Kūčiukai)… It’s like a mother – Kūčia (Christmas Eve) with her children – Kūčiukai (Christmas E...