Salmon dishes

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Pan-Seared Salmon with Grapes

For several centuries grapes have been associated with health and proper nutrition, and they are mentioned in the ancient literary and artistic works. The very word "grapes" are associated with the plump, old-fashioned Romans of the bygone era. However, exist some facts about the health benefits of...

Cold Salmon salad with Cottage Cheese

Salmon.. It is the only fish that is delicious itself. You only need to add a bit of salt, pepper and few drops of lemon juice - you can already enjoy it. Despite the fact that salmon is easy to make it also has a lot of benefits like:* Helps to sleep better. Salmon contains elements like tryptophan...

Soup with Leeks and Salmon

Leeks are originated from Central Asia and have been raised throughout the Mediterranean basin, especially in Egypt. Could you believe that Pharaoh Cheops rewarded his courtiers with bundles of leeks. In Rome, leeks became a cultivated vegetable, due to the lord's passion for strong leek broth. This...

Salmon with Creamy Spinach

When preparing salmon, I always know it will be quick and surely delicious. Since salmon needs only a few minutes in a skillet or 12-15 minutes in the oven, preparing salmon for dinner is a pleasure. And I hope I didn’t surprise you by such a short salmon cooking time. After all, salmon can be overc...

Salmon with Mango, Avocado and Bell Pepper Salsa

After moving to the US, I just fell in love with all sorts of salsas served with a all kinds of snacks, meat and fish dishes. If you want to add some extra, fresh taste to a boring or plain dish, I always think about salsa. I make and love all kinds of salsas. Probably the most common salsa I make i...

Smoked Salmon Cupcakes

Sometimes I enjoy thinking outside the box, especially in the kitchen because coz in that case there is only one outcome – brilliant food (okay okay, maybe not always hahaha, sometimes the outcome is pile of poo but let’s pretend that we all are master chefs!). So what about baking not red velvet, n...